Lena Diamadi


Eleni Diamanti is a Diving Survey Engineer (MA) graduated from School of Rural and Survey Engineering at National Technical University of Athens and a member of the KORSEAI Documentation Team. She specializes in photogrammetry and geometric documentation of cultural heritage. Among her research interests are photogrammetric methodologies and automations, including image analysis, extraction of dense and textured point clouds from aerial and closerange images, DTM and orthoimages generation, 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling, implemented in several applications (cultural heritage documentation, marine construction industry, cadastre, urban planning, forestry maps generation, 3D city models).

Since 2009, she has worked on several projects, concerning cultural heritage; Digitization, regeneration and 3D reconstruction of the Parthenon Frieze, Acropolis Museum, 2011-2012. Underwater archaeological surveying, at the ancient shipwreck of Mazotos, in Cyprus (2010-2012) and as a member of H.I.M.A. (2010-present), at shipwrecks of Argolikos, South Euboean and Pagasitikos Gulf. She has worked as a project engineer at Geoanalysis S.A. 27 (2011-2012) and Map Ltd. (2013-2015) on photogrammetry and remote sensing. She has presented posters and publications on photogrammetric documentation techniques, three of which focus on maritime cultural heritage projects. She works as a freelance engineer and is an Advanced Nitrox Diver (CMAS).

Scientific Publications


09.2011 E.Diamanti, A.Georgopoulos, F.Vlachaki, “Geometric documentation of underwater archaeological sites”, CIPA International Symposium, Prague Czech Republic


04.2015 E.Diamanti, F.Vlachaki, “3D recording of underwater antiquities in the South Euboean Gulf”, Underwater 3D Recording and Modeling Workshop, Piano di Sorrento, Italy


09.2015 Ε.Kolyvas, L.Drikos, E.Diamanti, A.ElSaer, I.Lazakis, "Application of photogrammetry techniques for the visual assessment of vessels’ cargo hold."Towards Green Marine Technology and Transport (2015), ΙΜΑΜ conference, Croatia


03.2017 E.Diamanti, E.Spondylis, F.Vlachaki, Ε.Kolyva, "Surveying the underwater archaeological site of Cape Glaros at Pagasetikos Gulf” International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Science, Vol. XLII-2/W3, CIPA/ISPRS Workshop, Nafplio, Greece