Markos Garras


Markos Garras, one of the founding members of the KORSEAI Institute, is the Institutes Technical Director.

He received his Master’s Degree in Hydroacoustics in 1993 from the University of Bergen in Norway, with his Thesis Entitled “Cavitation and its effects of microorganisms” and his BSc in Physics, in 1989, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, USA.

He has worked for Philips Lighting Hellas ΑΕΒΕ, Greece (1993-2000), as Technical Director for Airfield Lighting and Sports Lighting and since 2000 runs his own company GC&M, involved in Technical Development, Consulting & Management.

He is an experienced diver, diving since 1985 (NAUI-USA), 1989 (CMAS-Norway), 2006 (SSI) – Semi-closed Rebreather training, and 2010 (TDI-Cyprus) Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures certification.

His experience in underwater research started with his engagement for two years with the Bergen Museum of Archaeology - Department of Underwater Research, in surveying and usage of ROV and with the Bergen Fire Department doing Underwater Photography.

He has been a member of I.EN.A.E. (H.I.M.A.) since 1983 and has since participated on a voluntary basis in the excavations of the wrecks of Dokos, Point Iria, Salamis, the Pagasetikos, Argosaronikos and South Euboean Gulfs, also appointed Technical Director for the underwater archaeological surveys and excavations since 2006. He has been involved with Underwater Photography, implementation of underwater Digital Recording Methods as well as Database management and Web page development.

He has a Fast Boat Captains License (1994) and speaks English, Greek and Norwegian.