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Korseai Administration

Board of Directors

Γιώργος Κουτσουφλάκης

George Koutsouflakis

Archaeologist, Project Director

George Koutsouflakis was born in Piraeus in 1968. He has completed his undergraduate studies in Archaeology and History of Art (1992), his Masters Thesis (1999) and his Phd (2013) in the Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Peter B. Campbell

Manos Mitikas

Civil Engineer, Local Organizer

Manos Mitikas was born on March 4, 1983. He finished school at the 7th High school of Kallithea and then graduated as a Civil Engineer from TEI Athens.

Μάρκος Γάρρας

Markos Garras

Physicist, Project Technical Director

Born in 1968 in Athens from a Greek Father and a Norwegian Mother.  He studied Phisics and 

Βασίλης Μεντόγιαννης

Vasilis Mentogiannis

Photographer, Photography Director

Vasilis Mentogiannis, born in Athens in 1973, studied Mechanical Engineering at Technological Educational Institution of Athens.

John Marousis

Mayor of Fournoi

John Marousis was born in 1950. He is married to Fratzeska Panayiotou - Markakis a Greek American teacher

Administration Members

Ελένη Μπάρδα

Peter B. Campbell

Archaeologist, Project Co-Director

Head Underwater Archaeologist (Supervisory) Cave Archaeology Investigation and Research Network (CAIRN), St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

Γιώργος Αγκαβανάκης

Anastasis Agathos

Cinematographer, Filming Director

Anastasis Agathos was born in Athens in 1971. He studied at the LCC, University of the Arts in London (1991-1995). His dissertation subject was Theatrical Aspects in the poetics of photography.

Λένα Διαμαντή

Lena Diamandi


EleniDiamanti, born in Athens in 1987,graduated from School of Rural and Survey Engineering at National Technical University of Athens.

Ελιάννα Κολυβά

Elianna Kolyva

Architect – Conservator MSc, Architectural Documentation

Elianna is a creative professional with more than 15 years of experience, in complex design projects, diversified from building structures to signage design.

Helen Margarita Bardas


Currently a student at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, in the department of
Conservation and Restoration of Antiquities and Works of Art. (Year of enrollment: 2011). Direction Α

Denéa Buckingham 

Divemaster, Media

Denéa (Δενέα) Buckingham is an explorer, writer, photographer, Divemaster, conservationist, caver (spelunker) and world-citizen who was born in America, raised in Australia and has worked in 10 countries.

Ξανθή Αργύρη

Xanthi Argiri


Xanthi ARGYRI was born in Athens in 1979. She studied Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Leicester in the UK

Ευγενία Λοίζου

Eugenia Loizou


She was born in 1987 in Thessaloniki, where she also lived and studied Prehistoric Archaeology and History of Art at the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki.

Όλγα Μαρινάκη

Olga Marinaki


National Kapodistrian University / University, Faculty of Philology, History and Archaeology (Archaeology Direction and Art History), Athens

Angelos Tsopanidis

Conservator, Conservation Director

Angelos Tsompanidis born in 1976 in Thessaloniki. He grew up in Serres. He studied conservation of antiquities at IEK XINIS, Macedonia.

George Agavanakis


Graduated from the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, T.E.I. Athens.

Ageliki Bei


Born, raised and educated in Markopoulo Atikis. She’s a student in conservation of antiquities and works of arts, in TEI of Athens.