How to become a KORSEAI Institute Friend

Anyone who is interested in supporting the KORSEAI - INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH can become a Friend and supporter by REGISTERING HERE

Friends Annual Subscription + Gift: 30 Euro

Friends Lifetime Subscription + Gift: 300 Euro

Except for being a supporter of the important underwater archaeological work being done by the Institute, Friends of the Institute also have access to:

a) More Expedition Photos

b) More information about the Fourni Wrecks

c) Insight to the Daily Progress of the Expeditions

d) Photomosaics of the Wrecks

e) Full latest journals

f) Video clips of the expeditions

g) Discounts for any of the KORSEAI Institute products (T-shirts, hats cups, sweatshirts, etc.)

When you register, you get to Choose one of four FREE PRODUCTS with the Korseai Institute Logo printed on it, which will be sent to your home for Free.

How to become a Korseai Member

In order to become a member of the Korseai Institute, you will first have to become a friend, and then, after being active with the Institute, you can apply to become a Member.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to be present (even though this is the most interesting way of participation), you can participate by helping with the funding, article writing, etc.

But the easiest and most fun way to become a Member is to actively participate in the Institutes activities, showing your love and determination for underwater archaeology.

Please feel free to Contact Us after you have Registered as a Friend of the KORSEAI Institute, if you would be interested in participating in any of the Fourni Expeditions activities.

We would like to thank the volunteers and the team that made the

2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Fournoi Expeditions a reality.

Fournoi Team 2018

Standing From Left to Right:  George Agavanakis (volunteer), Angelos Tsopanidis, Elianna Kolyva (volunteer), Angeliki Bei (volunteer), Markos Garras (volunteer), Manos Mitikas (volunteer), Paula Furlanetto (volunteer), James Hayword, Cameron Hutchins (volunteer), Mateusz Polakowski (volunteer), Lui Mersenie, Lee Polakowski (volunteer), Evangelistis Dionysios, Kotaro Yamafune, Karantzas Nikos (volunteer), Hatziiliadis Tasos (volunteer), Anna Koumba (visitor), John Stella (volunteer),  Carlton Hoye, Peter Campbell  

Kneeling From Left to Right: Irini Mitsi (volunteer),  Lena Diamanti (volunteer), Denea Backingham (volunteer), Dimitra Voutirea (volunteer), Vasilis Mentogiannis (volunteer), Olga Marinaki (volunteer), George Koumbas (visitor), George Koutsouflakis, Anastasis Agathos (volunteer), Eleni Barda (volunteer) 

Fournoi Team 2017

Standing From Left to Right:  John Stella (volunteer), Vasilis Mentogiannis (volunteer), Mateusz Polakowski (volunteer), Kotaro Yamafune, Darko Kovacevic, Markos Garras (volunteer), Nikos Karantzas (volunteer), George Agavanakis (volunteer), Paula Furlanetto (volunteer), Manos Mitikas (volunteer) 

Kneeling From Left to Right: Angelos Tsopanidis, Peter Campbell, George Koutsouflakis, Elianna Kolyva (volunteer), Denea Backingham (volunteer), Olga Marinaki (volunteer), Dimitra Voutirea (volunteer), Irini Mitsi (volunteer), Eleni Barda (volunteer), Angeliki Bei (volunteer), Anastasis Agathos (volunteer), Lui Mersenie 

Fournoi Team 2016

Standing From Left to Right: Lui Mersenie, John Stella (volunteer), George Agavanakis (volunteer), Axileas Dionisopoulos (volunteer), Derek Erwin (volunteer), Manos Mitikas (volunteer), Anastasis Agathos (volunteer), George Koutsouflakis, Peter Campbell, Cameron Hutchins (volunteer), Christopher Begley (volunteer), Mateusz Polakowski (volunteer), George Koumbas, Angelos Tsopanidis, Vasilis Mentogiannis (volunteer)

Kneeling From Left to Right: Mantha Zarmakoupi (volunteer), Lena Diamanti (volunteer), Eleni Barda (volunteer), Mitsi (volunteer), Angeliki Bei (volunteer), Katerina Velentza (volunteer), Olga Marinaki (volunteer), Anna Koumba, Paula (volunteer)

Fournoi Team 2015

Standing from Left to Right: Angelos Tsopanidis, Nikos Vlavianos (volunteer), Manos Mitikas (volunteer), Peter Campbell, Cameron (volunteer), Markos Garras (volunteer), George Koumbas

Kneeling from Left to Right: George Koutsouflakis, Anastisis Agathos (volunteer), Xanthi Argiri (volunteer), Vasilis Mentogiannis (volunteer), Lui Mersenie

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