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30-06-2016 • A bay at Aghios Minas was almost fully surveyed after different diving teams discovered different shipwrecks! It could possibly be the case of several ancient wrecks as the finds vary on type and date and distribution. More thorough investigation is needed though to reach conclusions.

27-06-2016 • South of the small channel a series of tops, possibly of Late Roman 2 type and 6 Knidian amphorae were spotted. It is doubted though if those finds could indicate a shipwreck.

26-06-2016 • Around the small islands of Anthropofas amphorae of Late Roman type were found, a byzantine wreck was indicated by local fishermen, found and documented while in the evening at Mikros Anthropofagos islet the successful recovery of an archaic stone stock took place.

25-06-2016 • Only fragments of Chian, Knidian and Koan amphorae were found at the site of Paliomylos, but promising enough to indicate a shipwreck.

24-06-2016 • South of Thymena, west of Halara cape and northwest of Lemonopetres islets parts of amphorae bodies were discovered in the sand and an intact amphora, too. Possibly they indicate a shipwreck dated on the 5th BC. At the Skali cape more amphorae of the Koan and maybe Knidian type were discovered. • Close to Kamari, at Melissa cape, fragments of classical table athenian amphorae 5th BC were found. It’s not yet sure if this was a shipwreck.

23-06-2016, • Right before noon at the Portokopia (Petrokopia???) Bay a scatter of Syrio-Palestinian amphora sherds was spotted along a rocky slop and a small broken pot with a spout was found. • At Agrilidi bay, a piece of a Knidian amphora was discovered and two iron anchors while at Αgridia scattered sherds and pottery of various types (classical, Byzantine etc) were found and possibly indicate a place of more than one ancient shipwrecks. 22-06-2016 • Today an exemplary recovery of an intact amphora from the wreck #27 has taken place at Aghios Minas.

20-06-2016 • In Kisiria, a large and complete Late Roman amphora (type 13) was spotted and the search that followed revealed a number of complete or broken amphoras of the same type. • Another dive team brought some well preserved samples from a Mendian wreck on the surface, while at Agios Minas, southwest of Kamari close to a small island an unknown shipwreck partly buried in the sand was found by another team!

18-06-2016 • In the Pano Maneta Bay a shipwreck containing cooking pots was indicated and took the number #39. From the Kisiria at the Korseai channel an amphora dated from 9th to 11th century AD was tagged and raised to the surface using a lift bag with a controlled ascent.

17-06-2016 • In Thymaina, at Bali Annos Bay some pottery fragments of various seasons and an anchor of possibly medieval period were discovered. • In Korniachti, Petrokopio, some sherds from amphorae of the LR type were also found.

16-06-2016 • Two new shipwrecks at Aghios Minas were found: the first seems to have carried Roman and Colchis amphorae while the other one amphorae from the island of Chios or from Knidos dated to the 3rd century BC.

12-06-2016 • One very productive day! • At “Thymenaki” two distinct types of Late Roman amphorae were discovered, at Vathylakkas bay amphorae from the type LR2, two stone anchors and a lead anchor stock were recorded, at the area of “Lologiannis” Koan amphorae fragments were found while at the Ag. Nikolaos Bay, in Thymaina divers saw artefacts at the both sides of the promontory primarily amphora fragments, but also pithoi, a mortarium and tableware. In the Trachili bay pottery fragments and one syro-palaestinian amphora were meant to be found, too!

11-06-2016 • @Bali: Our first dive today was to dive at an iron-wooden wreck of the late 19th or early 20th century, presumably. Measurements, samples from the preserved wood and video has taken.

@Aghios Minas: a new shipwreck with Chian amphorae was discovered along with promising evidence for another shipwreck in the area of the fishery!

@Ksera isl.: byzantine shipwreck with plates